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Om Vedic Heritage Centre, after 5 years of successful operation and having attended to the health and wellness of more than 3000 customers, opened its third branch, AyurVeda Pharmacy (AVP) at Siglap Center with the objective of running a full-fledged herbal pharmacy. The new outlet was launched on 20 FEB 2016 at 55 Siglap Center, B1-18.

AVP at Siglap Center also has a full time Ayurvedic Doctors Dr. Jiny, BAMS and Dr. Megha Tyagi [M.S (Shalya Tantra), BAMS] with several years of experience, and operates from Monday to Sunday every week (11am-8pm). AVP offers Yoga Therapy, Herbal Workshops, Herbal Products from AVP, AVN, Patanjali, Charak Planet Ayurveda etc.

AVP at Siglap Center offers herbal remedies for:

  • Skin Problems
  • Pain (arthritic, muscular)
  • Low Immunity, Spondylitis, Tinnitus
  • Common Cold & Cough
  • Gynaecological Disorders
  • Male & Female Infertility
  • Beauty, Hair Care, Obesity
  • Gastric Issues, Insomnia, Migraine


Pain Management, Skin & Hair Solutions

Our Ayurvedic Consultants at Siglap Center

dr Jiny Deljo

Dr Jiny Deljo

Dr.Jiny graduated with a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Vishnu Ayurveda College Kerala, India. She also underwent an intensive training in India's National Research Institute for Panchakarma (Cheruthtuthy, Kerala), Oushadhi (Govt. of Kerala). And also she has extensive experience in traditional Kerala ayurvedic treatments. She is treating various chronic ailments such as arthritis,spondylitis,gastric issues,insomnia,migraine,asthma,skin diseases,stress management,male and female health problems,hair care and other health problems

dr Megha Tyagi

Dr Megha Tyagi

Dr.Megha graduated with a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) and Post Graduation (MS) in Shalya Tantra from Rajeev Ghandhi University, Karnataka, India. Her expertise is in Agnikarma (Heat Therapy) for patients with Frozen Shoulder and other ailments. She is working as an Ayurvedic Consultant in AryaVeda Pharmacy Belilios and Siglap centres, Singapore. She is treating various chronic ailments such as skin problems, Arthritis, hair related problems, Piles, Fissure, Diabetes Mellitus, Sinusitis and many more. Along with this she advises individuals with diet and lifestyle according to their body constitution that leads to a healthy life.

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